Adventures in Potty Training

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My sweet 2-year-old niece began potty training this month, and it made me think back to teaching my own kids to use the potty.


I have to admit that my children never make anything easy. It’s not their job to make life easy on their mom, though, is it? I can look back on my potty training experiences and laugh at this point, but at the time, it could be quite stressful.

Spring is the time many families kick-off potty training so kids are ready for summer fun and then for the start of preschool.

This was the case with my little girl the spring/summer before she started preschool. I do remember a few of the tips and tricks that helped Kara master the potty. The first big tip that I have for parents is to take a deep breath and relax. Your sweet kiddo will get there!

Pampers Easy Ups were also a huge step in the right direction when training Kara. Easy Ups help by providing better leak protection than the leading competitor. Plus, when your toddler begins wearing Pampers Easy Ups, it gives them the impression that they are wearing underwear. Easy Ups are for big kids you see, definitely NOT babies.


As loving parents, we want the potty training experience to be positive. Unfortunately, leaks, accidents, and switching from training pants to diapers overnight can derail the process. Pampers Easy Ups provide that bridge that kids need to feel confident. The more confident and secure your toddler feels, the more successful moments in potty training you’re likely to be able to celebrate.


Pampers Easy Ups work during the day AND night, enabling toddlers and parents to completely transition from diapers to underwear. Pampers Easy Ups come in fun designs including Thomas & Friends and Dora the Explorer. In sizes 2T/3T through 4T/5T feature graphics on the front fade when wet which will help your little one learn.

Potty training can be tough, but it’s also exciting. My biggest advice to parents is to celebrate each and every win. From high-fives to parties, it’s so important to encourage our little ones and show them that we are rooting for them throughout the journey!

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