20 DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween Costumes - {20 DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids} - This amazing list of DIY Halloween costumes will help you find the perfect homemade costume for your children!
Can’t seem to find a Halloween costume for your kids? We have a treat for you! We’ve put together some amazing DIY Halloween costume ideas so you can make the best costume for your children! Check out these 20 DIY Halloween costumes for kids.

1. DIY Jar Head Halloween Costume – Here’s a creepy Halloween costume that’s sure to have everyone running away! Have fun making this DIY Halloween costume with an empty jar of cheese balls.

2. Monsters University Homemade Halloween PNK Sorority Costume – Here’s a great DIY Halloween costume idea for your kids! You can dress them up like Monsters University.

3. Pippi Longstocking Halloween Costume – Looking for a super cute and FREE costume? Check out this DIY Halloween costume.

4. DIY Ash Ketchum Pokemon Costume – Years later, Pokemon is still a popular theme for many kids! If your kid likes Pokemon, then click here to see this awesome DIY Halloween costume.

5. LAST MINUTE Spider Costume and Halloween Snack – This DIY Halloween costume is so easy, you can make it last minute!

6. My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Costume Sewing Tutorial – If your girl loves My Little Pony, check out this easy DIY Halloween costume tutorial. You can transform fleece fabric into the costume of your little girl’s dreams.

7. DIY Monarch Butterfly Costume – Your little one will love fluttering around as a monarch butterfly when you make this DIY Halloween costume.

8. Homemade Black Cat Tutu Costume – Do you have a little girl who would love to be a cat this Halloween? Then check out this DIY Halloween costume.

9. DIY Halloween Skeleton Costumes – Here’s a creepy costume you can make for the kids in your life! Personalize their costumes by using their favorite colors for the bones.

10. Cotton Candy Costume – What’s your favorite flavor of cotton candy? This DIY Halloween costume will have you asking for more!

11. Easy $3 Medusa Costume and Makeup Tutorial – Here’s a cheap DIY Halloween costume that’s perfect for your little girl.

12. Make A Fortune Teller Halloween Costume – You can use things from around the home to make this easy DIY Halloween costume.

13. Dorothy Inspired Dress – Is your daughter a fan of The Wizard of Oz? Then you need to make this DIY Halloween costume!

14. Pirate Costume – Ahoy, Mateys! This DIY Halloween costume is just what you need to make this fall.

15. How to Make a Jack Sparrow Costume – Is your kid a fan of The Pirates of the Caribbean? Then here’s a DIY Halloween costume you can’t miss!

16. It’s a Polka-dot Circus Afro – Do your kids like the characters on Madagascar? Well now they can dress up as their favorite dancing circus zebra with this DIY Halloween costume.

17. DIY Captain America Costume – Here’s a great DIY Halloween costume for the superhero in your life!

18. DIY Zombie Costume – Looking for a creepy costume for your boys? Why not try this DIY Halloween costume!

19. Frozen Elsa Inspired Dress – This DIY Halloween costume is perfect for girls of any age! You can adjust the size so it fits your toddler girl or your preteen.

20. Cowboy Halloween Costume from the Thrift Store – Instead of spending a ton on a Halloween costume, put one together yourself with this tutorial!

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