Cowl Scarf Crochet Craft

Fall means chilly weather in the Midwest, so I love accessorizing my wardrobe with handmade cowls. Ever wanted to know how to crochet a cowl scarf?

Crochet Cowl

If you already know how to crochet, this is a very simple pattern to make that only takes a few hours. It is also a very easy pattern to modify so that you can customize your cowl.

I twisted mine, but you can leave yours straight if you would like to be able to pull it up over your face and keep your nose warm. Additionally, you can double the pattern if you would like to pull it up over your ears and use it as a hood.

This pattern assumes that you have basic crochet skills. If you do not, and don’t have anyone who can teach you in person, I highly suggest watching crochet tutorials on YouTube. It’s how I picked up many of the stitches that I know how to do today. The stitches used in this pattern are the single crochet, half-double crochet, and double crochet.

Crochet cowl supplies:

  • Crochet Hook, Size N
  • 1 Skein Yarn (I used Vanna’s Choice)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle


Chain 60. You can chain more or less depending on your neck size. Join using a slip stitch to make a large circle. If you want your cowl to be straight, make sure to not twist the original chain before you join it. The cowl above is twisted because I personally like that look and didn’t want to have to twist it myself.

Row 1: Chain 1. Single crochet in each stitch all the way around. Join with a slip stitch in the top of the first single crochet. At this time, I place a stitch marker or a piece of a different colored yarn to mark my starting point for each row. (Total 60 stitches)

Row 2: Chain 1. Half double crochet in each stitch. Join to the first stitch in the row with a slip stitch. (Total 60 stitches)

Row 3: Chain 2. Double crochet in each stitch. Join with a slip stitch in the top of the first double crochet. (Total 60 stitches)

Rows 4 & 5: Repeat Row 3

Row 6: Repeat Row 2

Row 7: Repeat Row 1

Rows 8-16: Repeat Rows 2-7. If you wish to make this into a hooded cowl, add an additional skein of yarn and continue following this pattern until you reach your desired height.

Fasten off by knotting your last stitch and trimming the yarn.

Weave in excess yarn tails with your yarn needle.


So, that’s how to crochet a cowl scarf!

Do you crochet? Do you have any projects planned for fall?

Amanda Long

Amanda is a wife and mother of a 3-year old daughter. When she isn't blogging at Midwestern Moms, she keeps herself busy with unique craft projects, baking, or reading a good book.

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