Loving Tegu Blocks

As the mother of a 3-year-old, I can tell you that I observe certain patterns in my son’s choice of toys.

Almost invariably, he will choose a simple toy over one with lights and sounds, and I have noticed that he would rather build something than be handed a complicated toy.

Tegu Wooden Blocks for Kids

When I first saw these simple yet innovative magnetic blocks from Tegu, I knew that they would be a hit with my little engineer.

Tegu believes that unscripted play, and allowing a child’s imagination to run free are key factors in healthy childhood development. I love seeing my little boy build, discover, and play, and Tegu really provides a fantastic product to facilitate this.

Not to mention, Tegu blocks look beautiful and feel great in your hands. I can actually sit for extended periods of time and play with Tegu blocks myself, and my son loves that I am able to genuinely join in on the fun with him.

Tegu blocks range in price from $32 for small sets to $140 for deluxe sets.

Check out Tegu this holiday season, and give your little explorer a new way to set his or her imagination free.

Crissy Page

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