My Harvest Tablescape

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I look forward to Thanksgiving all year, it’s the one day when my whole family is able to gather and enjoy each other’s company. From grandparents and parents, to siblings and yes—rambunctious kids!

I love making our Thanksgiving table warm and inviting, and this year, I’m creating an extra-special holiday tablescape with the help of ProFlowers.

My Thanksgiving Tablescape #PFdecorates

I’m going to start with the jewel of my Thanksgiving tablescape, this gorgeous Seasonal Splendor Centerpiece from ProFlowers.

I chose this particular arrangement because it contains all of the gorgeous colors of autumn. I love the stunning bronze cremons, safari sunset and red hypericum. It also features several of my favorite flowers—tulips—in vibrant orange and royal red.

It’s amazing how much life a gorgeous arrangement of fresh flowers can breathe into any tablescape. Whether your Thanksgiving table is super-simple or multi-layered, the flowers make all the difference.

My Thanksgiving Tablescape #PFdecorates

In fact, my Thanksgiving tablescape features a simple neutral tablecloth paired with a patterned table runner. I used an antique wooden bowl in the middle of the table with a candle and a few small fall decorations that I borrowed from other rooms in my home.

You don’t necessarily need to go out of your way to create a beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape, it’s all about working with those gorgeous fall colors and textures.

My Thanksgiving Tablescape #PFdecorates

I also ordered a Cheesecake Trio & Full Dozen Autumn Strawberries from ProFlowers, and when you see the photos below, I don’t think I’ll need to explain why.

Prepare yourselves, we’re heading into the decadence-zone.

My Thanksgiving Tablescape #PFdecorates

The only thing better than Thanksgiving dinner is Thanksgiving dessert. Imagine three mini-cheesecakes, including a New York cheesecake, rocky road cheesecake and white chocolate cheesecake, and twelve gourmet-dipped strawberries.

Wait, you don’t need to imagine. I’ll show you.

Thanksgiving Tablescape

I’ve mentioned this before, but Shari’s Berries are hands-down my favorite treat, holiday or otherwise.

I am so excited to share these incredible and delicious chocolatey treasures with my family at our Thanksgiving dinner. They are going to go wild.

My Thanksgiving Tablescape #PFdecorates

As much as I love the traditional Thanksgiving pies and desserts, there is something pretty fantastic about biting into a juicy red strawberry in the middle of a frosty Ohio fall.

My Thanksgiving Tablescape #PFdecorates

Knowing that the berries will be gone in no time, I also picked up this Mrs. Fields Autumn Bites Basket for my guests to nibble on all day.

I’m a huge Mrs. Fields fan, so, this choice was a no-brainer! These little chocolate chip cookies are super moist and delicious.

My Thanksgiving Tablescape #PFdecorates

I’m even more excited for our Thanksgiving dinner now that I’ve been experimenting with our table design!

Be sure to check out the unique selection of fresh and preserved Thanksgiving centerpieces on, and trust me on the Shari’s Berries. They are that good.

My Thanksgiving Tablescape #PFdecorates

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What is your Thanksgiving tablescape style?

Do you like a little sparkle on your Thanksgiving table, or do you like to keep it simple? Do you love fresh flowers? Tell me in the comments below!

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